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Title : Horizon Zero Dawn - Complete Soundtrack (OST)
Description : Horizon Zero Dawn : Full Soundtrack (Complete OST)
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Tracklist :

00:00:00 Prologue (Feat. Julie Elven)
00:05:29 Aloy's Theme
00:08:01 Motherless
00:09:42 Vanished Voices
00:11:07 Seal Your Lips
00:12:39 The Welcome Of Stones
00:14:00 Tell Me
00:16:06 The Point Of The Spear
00:17:52 Years Of Training
00:20:15 The Blessing
00:22:08 The Proving
00:23:51 A Boon
00:25:30 Where You Came From
00:27:53 Identification
00:28:55 What The Seeker Had Sought
00:30:16 Anointed
00:32:42 Seized From The Depths
00:34:42 Hologram Myth
00:38:18 The Bad News
00:41:23 The Good News
00:45:10 The Cavalry Breaks Through
00:46:56 Victory
00:49:59 Homecoming
00:52:56 To The Hunt !
00:57:25 Prologue (Early Style Sketch)
00:58:55 Song For Aloy
01:00:20 Within The Embrace
01:04:41 In Great Strides
01:09:05 Her Breath, Her Land
01:14:04 On Our Mother's Shoulders
01:18:50 Haze and Renewal
01:19:58 A Truth Whispered At Night
01:24:03 Trails In The Darkness
01:28:26 Machine Dreams
01:33:17 Cloudpart
01:34:08 The World And All Its Lessons
01:37:47 The New Wilderness
01:43:09 Territory Of None
01:49:52 A Wanderer's Work
01:56:26 Brave, New
02:01:46 The Memory Of Old Walls
02:06:18 Aloy's Journey
02:09:21 Meridian, Shining
02:13:21 City On The Mesa
02:17:30 Envoys
02:19:49 Beads Fallen On Bronze
02:20:39 All That The Light Reaches
02:27:51 A Resplendent Soil
02:33:02 Another Days Rusts
02:34:19 Across The Day Brink
02:35:43 Delver's Hymnal
02:39:46 To Call Our Own
02:44:22 Your Hand Of Sun and Jewels (Carja traditionnal)
02:46:32 KunaBass Solo
02:47:33 Iron Pendulum Solo
02:48:02 Braudrum Solo
02:48:53 Go Like Time Around An Arrow
02:54:31 Song to the Sun - Dawning
02:56:49 Song to the Sun - Midday
03:00:12 Song to the Sun - Evening
03:04:06 Nora u Norawea
03:06:18 The Spreading Eclipse
03:11:54 The Demon Remade
03:13:20 Force Multiplication
03:17:21 Bruied Shadow
03:18:17 Battle Begins
03:20:10 The Future By Its Throat
03:23:23 Hold The Ridge
03:27:17 Overrun
03:28:48 Countdown To Zero
03:30:13 Planned Obsolescence
03:33:37 Colossal
03:37:52 Threat Assessment
03:39:38 Will Against Will
03:42:44 Drawn To Strife
03:45:30 Littles Ones
03:49:07 Beasts Of Steel
03:51:52 Drums in The Sun-Ring
03:57:59 Death and Rebirth
03:59:12 A Storm In The West

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role playing game developed by Guerrilla Games, creators of the Killzone franchise. As Horizon Zero Dawn’s main protagonist Aloy, a skilled hunter, explore a vibrant and lush world inhabited by mysterious mechanized creatures. Embark on an emotional journey to unravel mysteries of tribal societies, ancient artifacts and advanced technologies that will determine the fate of this planet, and of life itself

Composed by : Joris de Man, The Flight and Niels Van der Leest.
All rights belongs to their respective owners

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